Inka Sailing Charters - Titicaca Lake




Inkasailing is a sailing boat tour operator founded by a group of young entrepreneurs and sailing lovers, with a vision on sustainable tourism combined with their passion for sailing.

The experience will include a four hours of sailing, between La Punta, El Fronton island and San Lorenzo Island. Charter excursions with bilingual staff and interpreters will offer snacks and drinks for visitors who want to go beyond the traditional sites and enjoy the experience of sailing.




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The Peruvian portion of the Pacific Ocean is known as Grau´s Sea with 200 miles in width. The Humboldt Current flows along the Peruvian coast line and its cold water which is rich in plankton, creates the perfect habitat for different species that have made it one of the richest in hydro-biological resources.
San Lorenzo is the largest island of this sea and is located just in front of Callao. Because of the lack of fresh waters, it has never had human occupation but used by ancient Peruvian as a cemetery, since it was considered as a sacred place.
Still today, the island keeps secrets and treasures of the different periods of the Peruvian history that need to be discovered and studied to delight us! All Rights Reserved 2010 Inka Sailing Charters :: Powered by / home - about us - our fleet - our programs & prices - reservations - photo gallery - links